Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to have sex all night

Love Making: How to have sex all night.

Warning: This content may be unpleasant to some audience and reader discretion is advised.

Love making is an integral part of mankind and should be enjoyed by all and be taken to the highest level possible of pleasure.It is not only theraputic, but an ingredient to a holistic life.unfortunately,some people don’t get to live for the time, and it’s a source of worry for them.
On the onset, lets discuss the requirements before we dive into the actual sexual experience and its dynamics.It involves full participation of both parties and their understanding of each others strengths, weaknesses, climax points and their sexual positions of choice.

FOREPLAY: I assume, safely, that you are not in the business of making babies; therefore pleasure is what you want to achieve. It welcomes the atmosphere of shagging and determined by what your partner enjoys .Prolong it for as long as you can since some people enjoy it more than the act itself.lick your partners sexual organs, tease, kiss embrace and all that rhythim may lead you to.It is important to preceed all this with yourfavourite activity like a candle lite dinner or even a movie.
Foreplay is therefore important so as to fire up your partner for an explosive experience in what gives unexplainable satisfaction to men and women.
Help your partner to stay In the game by prolonging ejaculation period, or climaxing period.some of the tactics here include:
1.       slowing down when you fell like cumming(men)
2.       stopping momentarily but keeping your partner aroused by use of hand(fingering,cuddle), kissing-(men)
3.       holding your partners scrotum(skin surrounding testis) veins-proven to slow down cumming in men-women
4.       taking mind off the intercourse momentarily-men
for men;just keep the lady Angel sexual involved and stimulated all through.

STYLES/positions.Change positions time to time during the intercourse and places .Be free to do it on the cofee table, couch, table, bedroom, sitting room or even kitchen.look out for an article on sexual positions. This ultimately makes a partner take a lead in doing what he/she likes and enjoys and is a recipe for seroius arousal.
Let the experience be punctuated by breaks where teasing kissing and other favorites take center stage.
When through with the actual coitus, it is important not to let it have a sudden death.Cuddle, peck and make eye contact; this increases the emotional attachment and increases the chances of more hot sessions in the future.remember to complement each other for the job well done.
NB: Forget about the porn clips and customize your experience.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Squirting/female ejaculation

Squirting/female ejaculation is the process by which human Females expel noticeable amounts of fluid from the vulva during orgasm.
This has been the subject of debate for decades, with one school of thought claiming the fluid is urine while the other claiming it’s just an alkaline fluid produced by glands around the urethra. What is not debatable is that; it causes almost “heavenly pleasure” for the ladies
Research has shown that orgasm-hence squirting is caused by extreme stimulation during sexual intercourse either at the clitoris or the G spot. The g- Spot is a region estimated to be two inches inside the vagina (on the upper wall).During coitus, the penis rubs against the clitoris and G-spot causing orgasm which is followed my contractions inside the vaginal walls and production of the cum/fluid
A sizable percentage of women has confessed to having experienced ejaculation. Sexual Scientists argue that most of the ladies prevent it by resisting the feeling of “urinating” during intercourse. Therefore ladies are advised to let it flow freely because it is not urine but ejaculate.
Depending with the lady, the fluid can gush out at high pressure which can go up to a meter far while with others, it flows out calmly.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Erectile dysfunction/impotence: Causes and solutions

Erectile dysfunction/impotence is defined as the lack of power or ability to achieve or sustain an erection for copulation, making love. This also includes the inability to get an erection as a result of sexual stimulation or loss of erection prior to ejaculation.
Many men at a point in life suffer from it; which causes them a great deal of depression and may lead to breakage of marriages/relationships. I will try to walk through some of the causes and remedies so as to save my brothers the agony and possibly put a smile on someone’s boy friend or even husband's face.
Due to illness
An illness can cause one to suffer from impotence. Some of these include:
- Hypertension
-Poor blood circulation due to blocked arteries
-Surgery to the prostate and pelvic region
- Heart disease
-Liver and kidney disease
-Hormonal disorders
- Thyroid Gland disorders
- Diabetes
Medications can also be a cause since they alter the normal functioning of the body through suppression and hormonal imbalance.

Due to injuries
-Injuries around the pelvic area can be a major cause; especially as a result of bicycle riding, horseback riding or gymnastics, contact sports. This Has been observed in bike riders in Kenya’s Western region

Due to Psychological problems
These include:
-Depression and anxiety
-Psychological abuse or trauma
-Problems with sexual identity-this is observed mainly in the teens.
-Relationship problems
-Fatigue of the mind
Due to way of life
With the change of times, the Lifestyles of people have drastically changed. This has become a major cause. This has Lead to increased number of cases in the emerging economies of the world. These causes include.
-Excessive alcohol consumption
-Illicit drug abuse like heroin, marijuana, miraa, cocaine and anabolic steroids
-Obesity due to diets and Lack of exercise.

Preventing Measures/solutions
Changes to way of life: Apart from helping recover or even prevent impotence, it improves the general health. It has also been touted as a way of living longer and younger better look-physically.  
Diet:  abandoning junk and highly refined food goes a long way in saving men this stress. plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain bread products, and plenty of protein from sources such as lean red meat, milk, yogurt, ground nuts and cheeses are suggested as some of the foods.
Exercise: Research has it that men who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from stress and anxiety, as well as a range of other ailments. Exercise is also said to improve testosterone production, which improves sexual functioning.
Sexual activity: also maintains good blood flow to the penis, which in turn helps overcome impotence causes. This is not a reason for careless and underage sexual activity!